What are the most valuable and important things you must include in your resume

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What are the most valuable and important things you must include in your resume

In this simple guide we are going to help you to find the important and valuable points you should include in your resume. Let’s begin with something that makes you surprise,

Include your contact information

We all know that contact information is necessary so why we mention that? Because according to researchers and form the industry experience we can tell you sometimes candidates forget to include their contact information. So you must read your resume several times before you send it to hiring managers

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Ok what are the next points

Job Title

Always remember to include a job / Professional title into your resume. When recruiters or hiring managers reading your resume don’t confuse them highlight the job title you are applying for .ake sure your resume focus to some certain position . as an example “Sales Associate” this will be your title. So where should I include it? Include it on the professional summary section.

Include your Experience

Don’t forget to include your employment history. Most of the recruiters definitely see this section of your resume. Showcase your previous but related job history.

Academic qualifications

You should include your academic qualifications in your resume. If you want to catch the eye of the hiring manager this is another good section. So make a good list of your educational qualifications and the awards, and achievements you earn.


Every hiring manager or employer wants to know your achievements because they need to hire the best candidate to achieve their companies goals. So when writing your job titles don’t forget to include your achievements.

Show your Numbers and  Metrics

What’s that mean? Every employer/ hiring managers like to evaluate your achievements. So showing those metrics will definitely help you to stand out with other applicants.

As an example,

You can write “helped to grow the profit”

But if you wrote like this “I have helped to grow the profit by 20% to 2 million in the past year by doing these changes”

See the difference?

Include your URL’s

You can include the URL’S of your LinkedIn profile, your blog, your personal website

But make sure if you continually update and active the sites you are including to the resume

Free hack!

Include the related post and knowledge to those sites if the employer checked those link you have a good chance!

Include your Volunteer activities

Include your volunteer works in your resume. Sometimes they are not related to your job but include those things. Why? Because it will show you can work with others and you are ready to make commitments

Personal interests and hobbies

You can include your hobbies and interest in your resume. Read the full post

Wish you all the very best!



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