Should I include Hobbies and interests in my resume?

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Should I include Hobbies and interests in my resume?


Today we are going to talk about should you put or not your hobbies in your resume. So before talking about that at let’s try to define hobbies,

What’s mean by hobbies?

Hobbies are something we do for fun when we free. As an example dancing, blogging, playing crickets..etc.

What is the relationship between hobbies and career?

There is no direct relationship between hobbies and career but there is an indirect relationship. What is that? Hobbies will help you to develop your skills and personality. As an example let’s say you playing crickets so it will help to develop teamwork, time management etc.

When hiring manager’s evaluating resumes it’s important to show them you have some good hobbies. From that we indirectly tell them we also have some other relevant skills to the job we apply for.

Do hiring managers or recruiters actually read them?

It’s defense. According to their personalities and point of view it will change. But putting your hobbies will not negatively impact to your resume.

What kind of hobbies should I include?

Try to include the most relevant hobbies to the job you are looking for it will show your personality.

What if you don’t have hobbies?

It’s ok. don’t take it too much seriously but use your brain to eliminate it. How? Let me show you

Let’s say you actually don’t have any hobbies. Ok but you can say “I’m sharing my experiences and knowledge throughout my social media” you are not wasting time you doing something valuable right?

And you can easily find some volunteer project relevant to your industry so if you don’t have hobbies try to involve with them and when writing your resume it will help you!

How should I include them in my resume?

“Short and sweet” try to follow this. Don’t try to write novels in your resume.

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