How to choose your career?(Complete practical guide)

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How to choose your career(Complete practical guide)

With unlimited of career choices you have to choose your career it is somewhat challenging when you don’t have any idea what to do. Now we are going to give you simple points according to that points you have to think make a good decision

Learn about yourself

Before choosing career or anything in the life you have to evaluate who you are? What are your inner values, interest, soft skills, attitudes and vision in combinations of all this things you have to make an self-assessment

Think about your dream career

Think about your career according to your dreams, vision and values. for example if you want to be an actor consider going into media broadcasting. You can a degree in communication or work your way up the chain the command in local news or other television studio

Consider about your hobby

You can turn your hobbies into your future career. Take a piece of paper write your hobby and how you can turn it into the future carrier. As an example if you like to drawings consider becoming a graphic designer

Assessing your skills

Think about your skill and particularly you are good at and try to turn it into your future career

Think about what you have

Think about the education you have and the financial level you have. You may also be necessary to stick with your existing High School or college degree.

Think about easy to access

Think about the career you can easily access with your knowledge, education and skills and also consider about your personal contacts

Dream about the future

Think about your future financial security in this career It’s Right Fit for me will I generate enough money to support for family conceded about future demand to your potential career will it increase or decrease


Make a list

According to above mentioned points create an occupational list. Evaluate them using self-assessment. Assign your own numbers to explore for further more


Explore the list

When you have the list according to your own assessment, now the time to explore them for further more. Google it and find some job descriptions, requirements, labor market information. Reorder your list that will best fit to you

Time to go depth

Now you have clear Idea and shortlist. it is time to go depth. For that meet the people who worked in the occupations in which you are interested about, connecting them using your social media like LinkedIn, Facebook. Friends with them ask questions and gain more information and reorder your list


Time to choose


Finally you have follow the all the steps and doing all your research now time to make a choice. Pick the career you think that will bring you more satisfaction based on your list.


Goals and plans


Now you make a decision. Now you have to identify goals. Create short and long term goal list according to information you generated before find the necessary education and training opportunities to go to the next level

Now put your list to Action Plan. it is so simple take a piece of paper write all the steps you need to reach your goals it will become road map to you wish you all the very best!

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