Biggest job search mistakes to avoid!

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Some people make their job search journey already difficult because of these mistakes. So let’s learn and avoid them.

Limiting only to yourself

Working in company is a teamwork like that searching good job is also a not limit you’re such only for you. Ask from your friends, family members,use your network like social media to find  new opportunities

Unspecific resume


Don’t waste your time and hiring managers time  by sending unspecific resume. Make your resume targeted into a certain position. It will bring you an opportunity otherwise if you blindly sending same resume your chances will be limited

 Include too many information


Why you need a resume? because you need to show up  what you have to offer to the company. so you don’t need to include all the unnecessary information’s. Shows what you can do for the company not for you

Mismatching with the job description


Try to apply for the jobs that will match to your qualification and skills read the job descriptions very carefully.

Not passionate about the job


When you apply for job try to find jobs that you are passionate about. Otherwise your energy level will be decrease. When you apply for the job asks yourself “Am I passionate about this job?”

Being a status quo job seeker


Try to be bold, be create during the interview avoid making  interview mistakes.

In here you can find an article about all interview mistakes so avoid me as much as you can.Be prepared when you’re facing an interview hope this will help you wish you all the very best

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